Sahara Corporate Cricket League

Sahara World Management Services is the largest family in the world came to existence to bring the best solution to the brand and work with world-class experts, Sahara World Management services announces the SAHARA CORPORATE CRICKET LEAGUE (SCCL Season-2019) first time in the history with the high quality of companies on biggest ever platform across the states of A.P & Telangana. Its a (mega) event of all the corporate companies, The big league matches will be played in the biggest battle ever to win lakhs of prize money for winning teams & runner ups. Appreciation to all the participant's players with certifications & awards.

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Sahara Corporate Cricket League!

The most famous cricket league around the hyderabad and one of the biggest attraction on the cricketing calendar. Sahara Corparate Cricket League (SCCl) is Hyderabad's gift to corporate world. This league is going to be held in January 2020, This competition will change the face of the game with the biggest cricket tournament the entire sporting around hyderabad. the game of cricket has changed at a serious pace in the last decade or so..

Sahara Corporate cricket league(SCCL)- 2019. Which is a mega event being conducted for the first time in the history of Hyderabad. All the biggest 100+ fortune corporate companies from Hyderabad, Secunderabad - Telangana would be playing at the largest platform(SCCL). Your participation will be highly appreciated to make this event a grand success. Through participation, you can be a brand ambassador for SCCL which contributes to professional marketing. 

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